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Concerning costume pickup please walk with your receipt & your ticket. If you have lost your receipt/ticket please walk with a valid photo ID.

If you would like someone else to pickup your costume please give them a copy of your receipt & ticket. If you have lost your receipt/ticket and would like someone to pick up your costume...PLEASE photocopy your drivers license or a valid photo ID.  Then write in your own hand writing that you authorize {person Jane Doe} to collect your costume.  Then sign at the bottom.

TO BE CLEAR: If you are picking up for someone other than yourself, please be ready to provide the following document/email printed that includes (OR EMAIL IN ADVANCE TO
-Permission for you to pick up their costume
-Copy of their photo id
-Their full name
-Your full name

Lastly, if you cannot come to pick up your costume on the assigned date, not to worry, there will be pickup allowed at the venue (Exhibition Place front gates/entrance).