What is Friday Night Mas

Friday Night Mas is the newest addition to Toronto Carnival. A Carnival Friday night parade presented by the Festival Management Committee taking place at Exhibition Place. It’s a night festival bringing Carnival into the light with glow in the dark costume components, music and massive vibes.


 Will there be DJs and music trucks on a parade route?

Yes! Friday Night Mas will feature Toronto’s best DJs; D’Bandit, Dr.Jay, Enforcas as well as International DJs Back to Basics, Hypa Hoppa and more!


 Will there be any live performers on the road?



 Will we be allowed to drink on the road?

Yes! Friday Night Mas is an 19+ event and the parade route will be licenced to allow alcoholic beverages.


 What drinks will we have on the road?

There will be a choice of Beer, premixed drinks/coolers by Bacardi and Smirnoff.  These drinks will be served by Smart Serve professionals who will ensure the safety of our masqueraders. 


 Where is this happening?

Location: Exhibition Place - TBA

Assembly Time: 8:00pm

Parade Time: 9:00pm to 12am

Parade route?


 Is this a competitive parade?

Yes! As a Friday Night Mas masqueraders you are joining a band competing for band size, engagement and overall vibes on the road. Designated judging points will be established!  


 How will I get my Friday Night Mas package?

You can purchase your package online at FridayNightMas.com or at distribution centres listed across the GTA. 

Package pickup dates will be at the listed distribution location from:

Sunday July 28th to Thursday August 1st 12PM - 8PM
Friday August 2 12PM - 4PM


 What is in my Friday Night Mas package?

Your Friday Night Mas package will Include your band specific T-shirt, cup, wristband, head piece and glow wand/stick/sword]


 Package distribution locations

Pick up Address: 1126 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K8

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